Bin 1, Anastasia Hill and Maura Brewer, 2015. 62 flash drives with donated documents.


Bin 1, a collaborative project by Anastasia Hill and Maura Brewer, is a collection of discarded digital files: unfinished or unwanted artworks, accidents, leftovers and cast-offs from old, abandoned or incomplete projects, unused research materials, personal musings, artifacts and ephemera, and projects or documents requiring anonymous distribution. The assembled files were organized onto 62 unique flash drives and sold to the public at the NEPO 5k Don’t Run event in Seattle, WA on August 29th, 2015.
For more information about NEPO go to: WWW.NEPOHOUSE.ORG.

All profits from Bin 1 will be used to create Bin 2. Guidelines for participating in Bin 2 follow.


Parameters for submission:

  1. We will accept only anonymous submissions. If your name appears, we reserve the right to remove it.
  2. Submissions may include (but are not limited to) the following items: text files, pdf documents, digital photos, audio files, video files, etc.
  3. Submissions should not exceed 1GB.
  4. Files should be named according to how you would like them to appear on the flash drive. If you have multiple files you want presented in a single folder, please indicate this with the folder’s title in your message.
  5. By submitting files to Bin 1, you relinquish any creative rights over the content of your submission. Whoever receives your submission is free to do with it as they wish.
  6. Each flash drive will be sold at a randomly generated price between $1 and $5.
  7. The money collected at the time of sale will be used for the creation of Bin 3.

Please send file(s) to: ABINFORDUMPING@GMAIL.COM (if too large, then send via WWW.WETRANSFER.COM)