Looking Backward, 2014. Single-channel-video, color sound. TRT 14:00.

Yael Bartana, Short Memory

Yael Bartana Short Memory

In Short Memory, the politics of Yael Bartana’s suggestive, quasi-narrative videos are up for debate. Bartana’s art speaks the language of propaganda, miming the call to action that is essential to that form—but the end result, while stirring, is also ambiguous and the responses are not uniform. In an interview with Bartana, printed as the final […]

Refreshed and Energized: Installation, Subjectivity and the Spa Experience


In the catalog James Turrell: A Retrospective, Michael Govan describes Turrell’s ongoing artistic inquiry into the gap between “internal” subjective experience and “external” objective phenomena. This idea manifests in Turrell’s light installations as visual experiments that capitalize on the perceptual instability of color. The blue of the sky, seen through an open window, becomes green, […]

Constructing in Video, 3/6/2014

Constructing in video 2

“Constructing in Video” was a panel discussion that I moderated in conjunction with Jonas N. T. Becker’s solo exhibition at Shulamit Gallery in Los Angeles. Panelists were Bruce Yonemoto, Jonas N. T. Becker, Antoinette LaFarge, Andy Fedak and Paul Young. Below is a transcript of the paper I presented: The word “utopia” was coined by Sir Thomas Moore […]