:/nterstellar, 2015. Single-channel video, color, sound. 11:11 minutes.


:/nterstellar is an experimental retelling of the 2014 science fiction film Interstellar. In the original, Murphy Cooper is the daughter of the hero, but in this version she is the narrator, who describes her fatherā€™s long, mysterious absence and eventual return. Her memories are interwoven with an analysis of the filmā€™s semantic style, in which metaphors both reveal and obscure the desires of father and daughter. The metaphoric structure, in which the ā€œvehicleā€ (the metaphoric figure) conceals the ā€œtenorā€ (the diegetic action) is itself metaphorized, and stands in for the repressive power arrangement of the Oedipal relationship.


Written &Ā assembled by Maura Brewer
Sound design & score: Michael Webster
Animation: Maura Brewer
Narrator: Leah Dutchin
With production assistance by Civic Center Studios, Los Angeles, CA.
Thanks to Adam Novy, Pete Galindo, Anastasia Hill, Marisa Williamson, Leah Pires and Emily Villano.

:/nterstellarĀ adapts appropriated images, sound and music from the film Interstellar, by Christopher NolanĀ (2014), and text from interviews with Nolan and Jessica ChastainĀ originally published in Entertainment Weekly and the Hollywood Reporter. Additional footage of Matthew McConaughey found on youtube.